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Soy beans

We believe in authenticity and respect for the land, which is why we have introduced the cultivation and processing of soya.

Our Closed Supply Chain: Soya Cultivation and Processing for Zero-Mileage Sustainability

We believe in authenticity and respect for the land, which is why we have introduced soya cultivation and processing into our closed supply chain.

In addition to being the best source of plant protein, it regulates cholesterol, helps mineralise bones and enriches the soil in which it is cultivated, enhancing the cultivation of all our 0 km products.

Reports and Complaints Form

Modulo segnalazioni e reclami

Policy on Social Responsibility

Politica della Responsabilità Sociale

Procedure for Alerts by Workers and Interested Parties

Procedura per le segnalazioni dei lavoratori e delle parti interessate

Work location

Strada Argine Mezzano 34, 44020 - Ostellato (FE)


+39 0533 681836/7



Do you want to work with us?

Interested persons should send in their application, taking care to include all the required information.
It will only be possible to apply once.
The applications collected will be used for personnel selection.

Sede di lavoro

Strada Argine Mezzano, 34 44020 - Ostellato (FE)


+39 0533 681836/7



Vuoi lavorare con noi?

Gli interessati dovranno inviare la propria candidatura avendo cura di inserire tutte le informazioni richieste.
Sarà possibile candidarsi una sola volta.
Le candidature raccolte saranno utilizzate per la selezione del personale.